10 Cities Where Americans Are Deepest in Debt—but Still Buy Homes!

The Federal Reserve still carries the scars of the last recession, leaving it less prepared to fight a new crisis. While the rest of government took a step back as the crisis faded from memory, the.

Due to global economic recession, several nations are facing the issue of high debt levels in comparison with their gross domestic product (GDP). European nations such as Ireland, Greece, and Portugal are badly hit – where this issue is coupled with high unemployment rates.

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 · In a 2017 interview on NPR, Rothstein said the government believed that "if African-Americans bought homes in these suburbs, or even if they bought homes near these suburbs, the property values of.

An average of 47 million americans. cities are from outside of the country. New York City had the most (40 percent), followed by Miami (37 percent). Tampa, Florida and Phoenix saw the largest.

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There’s still a lot of dispute, however, over exactly what these trends mean. Are millennial driving habits a byproduct of the weak economy? (If you have no job to go to, chances are you drive less.).

Homeownership has long been the American Dream, but if you live in a major city, it may not be all that attainable. GOBankingRates recently did a study on home affordability and found that in several notable cities, homeownership is pretty much out of reach for more than 60% of households.

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