Bert Harris, Florida’s Private Property Rights Icon, Has Died

Government Violated Developer’s Bert J. Harris Act Rights by Denying Site Plan, Finds florida 4th district Court of Appeals. In a significant ruling, Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal in the case of Ocean Concrete, Inc. v. indian river county ruled the government violated the developer’s Bert J.

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The other set of bills each of the island cities lobbied to oppose included HB 1383, which was filed by Grant and would have amended the Bert J. Harris Private Property Rights Protection Act, which allows demands for compensation due to government regulations that diminish the value of private property.

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(1) This act may be cited as the "Bert J. Harris, Jr., Private Property Rights Protection Act." The Legislature recognizes that some laws, regulations, and ordinances of the state and political entities in the state, as applied, may inordinately burden, restrict, or limit private property rights without amounting to a taking under the State.

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For Bert Harris Act Claims, Make Sure Your Appraisal Measures Up A recent case highlights the importance of making sure appraisals measure up in Bert Harris Act claims. If they’re not up to snuff, a property owner’s claim could be tossed out of court.

The first Bert Harris case has ended with a win for Holmes Beach.. under the Bert J. Harris Private Property Rights Protection Act, as well as a public records count.. Daigneault, chosen by the city's Florida League of Cities insurer, the enactments aimed at R-2 development were “death by a thousand.

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