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So it was that three scientists from the Dauphin Island Sea Lab found themselves swimming among the legs of a natural gas platform with masks and snorkels about seven miles off the Alabama coast.

2019-02-06  · The carcass of a nearly four-metre-long bluntnose sixgill shark was found on Coles Bay Tuesday. The carcass of a. the west coast of the island.

Widow of Colgate-Palmolive scion sells Palm Beach estate The Mansion Trap Everyone from her society pals to her stepdaughters was stunned to learn that Veronica Hearst, the high-flying widow of media scion Randolph Hearst, had $45 million in debts.

Perhaps even more bizarre still is the 1956 case of Air Force Sergeant Jonathan Lovette. In March of that year, Lovette and a major william cunningham, both of the holloman air force base in New Mexico, ventured out into the desolate desert scrub to collect fallen debris from a recent missile test at the White Sands Missile Test Range, and at one point Lovette went off behind a dune. has released a top ten list of the weirdest things cleaners have found while at work. The survey included responses from over two-thousand cleaners leading the site’s co-founder to claim that cleaners never see "a dull day on the job." The list, documenting items at clients’ houses, includes: A box full of ashes . Voodoo dolls with pins

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A British man chopping wood in his backyard could not believe his eyes when he noticed what appears to be the face of Jesus on one of the pieces of would-be kindling.

endangered animal. “Look at her head to see what she went through.” Two Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were released back into their natural habitat off the coast of Gulfport on Wednesday, August 3, 2016,

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“I just left Florida, I could of given him a ride home for free,” wrote one commenter. “Poor baby.” Another commenter said she was a flight attendant and offered to help arrange to have the animal fly.

Americans from coast to coast donned protective glasses and gazed. 13, three days after Hurricane Irma knocked out power.

The animal was emaciated. gray whales along the West Coast. In Maine two years ago, 800 harbor seals, all adults with no obvious injuries, washed up dead, and in Florida the carcasses of hundreds.

Found on the coast of. Viral images purportedly show the carcass of a merman or. Strange Animals dumb animals ugliest animals bizarre animals Unusual Animals.