CondoBlog: Housing Market in Transition

Despite a slew of national housing market trends seemingly pointing to a rapid shift in negotiating power away from home sellers, experts say they don’t expect market forces to shift meaningfully toward buyers until at least the end of this decade.

Real estate experts say local housing market is in transition By: Andrew Valenti, Reporter October 10, 2018 1 comment The single-family housing market is moving from a trend of record-setting prices of homes a few years ago to one where prices are decreasing at certain ranges.

Industry players are making plans to capitalize on the expected transition to what could be a more stable and sustainable real estate market. Dallas does it again Dallas is no stranger to being in the top-10 rankings, and this year it returns to the number-one spot in the 2019 survey.

Transitional areas in Atlanta? Asked by Pete, Atlanta, GA Sun Jul 8, 2007. I’m looking to purchase my first home in the next 12 to 18 months and am looking for areas in the Atlanta market that are transitioning upwards.

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To make sense of this transitional period, it’s time for a midyear market pulse check. Here’s how leading industry economists are piecing together the first stretch of 2019 and what they say is in.

A current debate in the housing market may soon be settled. For some time, real estate professionals have been trying to determine whether millennial renters would make the transition to homeownership. Now, it seems, there is sufficient evidence pointing toward the affirmative.

The imbalance shows that the desert’s housing market remains in transition to recovery, according to data from Hanley Wood, a Washington, D.C.-based real estate information services firm that compiles.

adding to investor demand in the regional housing market. The service, dubbed Zillow Offers, launched in Phoenix in spring 2018 and is aimed at sellers seeking convenience and certainty as they.

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This spring’s home buying season offers the brightest prospects for the housing market since 2006. With fewer foreclosed properties and declining shadow inventory comes solid gains in home prices and a reduction in the number of borrowers who are underwater. Our nation’s housing market is in transition.