Don’t Just Write What You Know—Write What You Feel

The #1 reason people don’t accomplish their goals is because the goals are not tied closely enough to their sense of self-they don’t make someone think, “I was put on this planet to accomplish this goal.” If you don’t feel that connected to what you’re doing, you’re simply not going to thrive. Period. End of story.

Just imagine, if you dedicated just five minutes a day to learning something about art, you’d have invested over 30 hours into expanding your knowledge in a year. The best part is, it’d feel like it’s taking no time out of your day. Try writing down what you learn in an art journal and see what you take in.

Thinking through startup costs, finances, and accounting often holds people back from getting started–or, if they do launch.

 · Or just any that make you smile. The present moment. Write about what you see, hear and smell right at this moment. How do these things make you feel? Really be present in this moment. Hear the sounds around you. Listen closely. Breathe in deeply. Smell the season. Enjoy the sensations on your skin. Feel the ground beneath your feet, the clothes on your body.

7 days ago · After all, that’s the point. We don’t craft stories to restrict ourselves. We craft stories to create, freely. The most damaging misinterpretation of write what you know is the one that makes you feel like you shouldn’t be doing that. So imagine what you choose. Research what you need to. Write what you feel.

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You might feel anxious. error, don’t take it too personally. This is a pervasive general pattern and not a personal flaw. Try tracking your time for a single week. There are online tools for this,

Seinfeld and Kramer about write-off In the span of the year I discovered my love for writing. I ended up. Maybe you' re at a point where you feel lost and you don't know what to do or where to start. It can. Strong negative emotions can be just as powerful as positive ones. When.

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