Extremely rare albino alligator arrives at Illinois zoo

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The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois is a very nice little zoo. They’re constantly changing, trying to ensure good habitats for their animals. They do a lot of engagement with social media to attempt to teach their visitors about the animals and make strides in conservation. They’re part of AZA’s mission to reintroduce the.

Known as a “big tusker” she’s a rare and extraordinary sight – it’s estimated that. “I find [the photos] inspiring to look at because it’s just very positive and inspiring to think that elephants.

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Oct. 5, 2011 A rare albino alligator has taken up residence with other scary fish in time for Halloween at the National Aquarium. She doesn’t have a name yet, but the aquarium is preparing a.

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The New Orleans Saints cheer squad has taken the miming and bikini concept and expanded it to include hamburger-eating, boxing and albino alligator-holding in the lush and swampy surrounds of.

An extremely rare alligator is making his temporary home at an Illinois zoo. Snowflake, a 7-foot, 16-year-old albino American alligator arrived at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago last week. Snowflake, a 16-year-old albino American alligator, arrived at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago last week.

Albino animals are rare, ghostly looking creatures, and compared to their normally-colored counterparts, they can appear rather spooky. Albinism is a disorder causing lack of pigmentation due to the inability to produce melanin. If an animal looks albino but has partial pigmentation, it may be leucistic.

Staff at the South Carolina Aquarium is asking for “positive vibes” for Alabaster, its rare albino alligator, after vets confirmed he is fighting an infection, which is causing a red.

He’s all white, extremely bright and gets uptight if he misses his mealtimes. But otherwise Whitie the albino alligator is a loveable flesh-eating. five-year-old croc is on loan to the animal.

The Ultra-Rare White Alligator. Dragon World is lucky to be home to an incredibly rare white alligator.Albino alligators are virtually impossible to find in the wild, as their lack of natural camouflage makes them an inviting target for predators.

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