Florida’s High-Speed Answer to a Foreclosure Mess

If you behind on your mortgage payments or are already in foreclosure, bankruptcy may be able to help you save your home. Usually, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best way to save your house. It allows you to make up missed mortgage payments through your repayment plan and get back on track.

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We recommend that you file two documents with the court immediately after you are served with a foreclosure complaint. If you are listed on the complaint with your partner, it is necessary that both of you sign the pleadings. FIRST, it is necessary for you to file either a Sample Motion for Extension of Time to file an answer or an Answer.

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The answer should show. the as of yet to be foreclosed,we have millions more that will fall into default as there mortgages reset or they lose their job in a ever worsening economy. You might.

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Florida’s foreclosure mess is made murkier by what analysts and lawyers involved in the process say are questionable practices by some law firms that are representing banks. Such tactics, these people say, have drawn out the process significantly, making it extremely lucrative for the lawyers and more draining for troubled homeowners.

Home » Self-Help » Evictions & Housing » Eviction Issues Related To Foreclosure » Former Owner’s Rights And Duties After Foreclosure Former Owner’s Rights And Duties After Foreclosure Find out what rights and obligations a homeowner has if they remain on the property after the home is sold through foreclosure.

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SAMPLE FLORIDA MOTION FOR MORE TIME TO RESPOND TO FLORIDA FORECLOSURE LAWSUITS A Motion for Extension of Time, also referred to as a Motion for Continuance in some circumstances, can be used in a variety of situations to request more time from the court to respond to something the plaintiff has done or requested.