Forest Firefighter Describes Encounters of High Strangeness

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MORE Missing 411 High Strangeness: "Predator Saran-Wrap" Synchronicity. I get a glimpse of these things. They shimmer in and out, sort of like the Predator. These things look human like in some ways. They have two arms and legs like humans, etc. But they are about seven feet tall and muscle bound, like The Hulk.

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As I have chronicled here at High Strangeness, I heard a great many wondrous and astounding stories at the Vortex Conference, and I have marveled at the fact that these astounding stories are bandied about at a UFO conference in such a casual, offhand manner that one soon accepts it as all quite normal. But here’s the thing: it’s not.

Forest Firefighter Describes Encounters of High Strangeness "I was firefighting in Mt. Hood in 2017, our base camp was in the middle of the woods. We had showers, kitchen staff, and access to portable restrooms with at least 500 personnel.

One particular type of naturtal catastrophe that had birthed some intriguing stories of the bizarre are forest fires, and here we have tales of ghosts, high strangeness, Bigfoot, and more. A very weird and spooky tale concerning a forest fire seems to have firm roots in the paranormal world of ghosts and specters.

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High strangeness in Colorado. It’s a sizeable area (8000 square miles) west of Colorado Springs, running south into New Mexico. The indians (especially Navajo and Hopi) will tell you that the strange portals exist in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. My friend is a rational person, and not one to imagine things.

A short photo study. Photo by Becky P. 2-11-18. His Veins Run Cold When He Realizes Who’s Been Haunting The Homestead All Along – Duration: 19:49. Homesteading Off The Grid 1,458,464 views

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