Greyhound deaths and Florida’s racing industry

Florida’s greyhound racing industry has for decades been a major draw for gamblers – and for the Florida government, a bonanza of tax revenues – but it has fallen on hard times of late.

 · An end to racing in Florida could spell the death of the sport across the country, said Jennifer Newcome, a former greyhound trainer and chairman.

Florida’s greyhound racing ban sparks battle over fate of 7,000 unemployed dogs. the deaths are going to end," said Sonia. In Florida alone, the industry made $200 million in 2017 and.

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 · Jack Cory, a lobbyist for the Florida Greyhound Association, which represents dog owners, told WKMG that the number of deaths needs to be put into perspective. Cory notes that there are currently 8,000 greyhounds in the dog racing community in Florida, so the rate of death from all causes is only two percent.

To avoid Greyhound injuries at the Track, the Florida Greyhound Owners have proposed Legislation, the "3 Point Safety Plan", that would have eliminated most injuries and deaths at the track. Amendment 13 will cost over 3,000 Florida jobs, and require over 8,000 Greyhounds to be relocated over the next 2 years .

There are now only 17 racing tracks in America, with many closing due to the ban on greyhound racing in Florida. (American greyhound racing is in decline, Grey2KUSA, 2018) The amount of money gambled on greyhound racing across america (including simulcast gambling) declined by 70% between 2001 and 2014. (Greyhound racing is a dying industry.

Added to the obvious dangers involved in the activity itself (injuries and deaths) greyhound racing could never be thought of as "dog friendly". Concerns for animal welfare in greyhound racing is growing. Legal greyhound racing has an 85-year history in Florida. Concerns for animal welfare are far more recent.

Greyhound racing in the United States is a sport and regular gambling activity. The sport is regulated by state or local law and the greyhound care is regulated by National Association of State of Racing Commissions and the American Greyhound Council (AGC). The AGC is jointly run by the National Greyhound Association.

While Florida was the first state to legalize greyhound racing in 1931, this hasn’t been a profitable industry for decades. Florida’s greyhound track owners complain that the tracks are in fact.

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