Here’s how much more it will cost you to buy a home in a ‘gayborhood’

The typical home value in that neighborhood was $792,400, or 25% more than the city’s average home value of $632,600. Gayborhoods didn’t drive higher home values everywhere, however. Homes located in LGBT neighborhoods in San Jose, Calif., San Antonio, Texas, and Kansas City, all had values that represented a discount relative to those cities’ typical home prices.

Here’s how much more it will cost you to buy a home in a ‘gayborhood’ Bank Informer May 23, 2019 0 comment communities with large LGBTQ populations continue to be hot spots for gentrification.

The premium to buy a home in a "gayborhood" can be almost four times the typical home value for that metropolitan area, according to a new analysis from real-estate website Zillow ZG, +1.48% Across the country there are 10 major cities, including Philadelphia, Houston and Charlotte, where home value

Here’s How Much Money You Must Earn To Buy A Home In 25 Big US Cities. Here’s How Much Money You Must Earn To Buy A Home In 25 Big US Cities.. You’d have to earn a lot more to live here.

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“Cost of living” is the amount of money you need to maintain a certain lifestyle in a given place. The price of goods and services vary from one city to another, calculating the cost of living will help you determine how much more or less you need to make and help you factor in expenses.

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But once you own it, there are many more costs to plan for.. When you buy a home, you don’t plan on spending over $20,000 on repairs.. Here’s exactly how much you need and why.

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