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Proposed changes to HUD disparate impact rule would create new burden-shifting framework to reflect Inclusive Communities. By Richard J. Andreano, Jr. & Christopher J. Willis on August 5, 2019. Posted in CFPB Monitor, Federal CFS Monitor, HUD, Mortgages.

Because the streamlining final rule includes several new policy options, we will be issuing a special mid-year revision rather than having customers wait for the standard annual revision. We were in the process of formatting the revision when HUD released these two clarifying notices, and are now going back to rework our revisions.

Webinar: #ZipCodeMatters: Talking about HUD's New Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule Registration of Interest for HUD-VASH Vouchers – This notice announces the availability of $40 million in HUD-VASH that will support approximately 5,000 new vouchers. These vouchers are administered in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and enable homeless veterans and their families to access affordable housing and.

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Overview of the 2013 home final rule. hud published a Final Rule in the Federal Register on July 24, 2013 to amend the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program regulations. These amendments to the home regulations represent the most significant changes to the HOME Program in 17 years.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson recently made derogatory comments about transgender people,

The housing subsidy is then prorated to exclude the ineligible person from the assistance. But HUD’s new rules closes that "loophole." HUD officially proposed changed those rules Friday, publishing.

New HUD rule requires International Code Council certified inspectors. Development (HUD) issued a new rule that requires lenders offering.

HUD received 1,923 comments on the ANPR, and the comments have been considered during the drafting of this new rule. Some commenters wrote in support of disparate impact liability more broadly, citing the important part it has played in monitoring exclusionary housing practices for at least 30.

Before HUD's unlawful suspension of the AFFH Rule, advocates. Westchester County, New York, repeatedly certified its compliance with.

rule proposes to amend HUD's interpretation of the Fair Housing Act's. HUD rule were necessary or that HUD's rule created new obligations.

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