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Age of Viability Strictly speaking, most doctors define the age of viability as being about 24 weeks of gestation. In many hospitals, 24 weeks is the cutoff point for when doctors will use intensive medical intervention to attempt to save the life of a baby born prematurely.

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At full term, levels of prostaglandin E fall causing the ductus arteriosus to close, which allows a baby’s lungs to receive the blood needed to function properly after it is born. In the case of preterm labor, the prostaglandin E may stay at the same level causing an open ductus arteriosus.

1 a: capable of living a viable skin graft viable offspring b of a fetus : having attained such form and development of organs as to be normally capable of surviving outside the uterus a 26-week old viable fetus

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Start studying Developmental Psychology Vocabulary. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. age of viability. age a baby can live outside of the mother. 22 weeks. 10 months. gestation period. 37-42 weeks.

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