New Electronic Music Project 1SON Releases Dark Visuals For Debut Single “WOA”

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WOA TV promotes exceptional artists and gives fans a chance to discover tomorrow’s stars NOW. Documentary by WOA Films. The new book ‘Once Upon a Time’ Just released!

@10th WOA Music Festival featuring Oliver Sean coinciding with the premiere of the new #musicvideo #DoingThat #TimeLoveHappiness. It’s our PRE Festival Episode and we give you the low down on everything that is coming up on the 10th WOA Music Festival.

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Review: Russian producer Kirill Sergeev has been setting light to the likes of Hell Yeah, Bordello A Parigi and Bahnsteig 23 in the past under his Kito Jempere alias, and now it’s the turn of Pleasure Unit to get his unique treatment."House Track" may seem like an innocuous title but don’t be fooled, it’s far from a conventional house jam. Loose, 80s tinted production vibes abound across the.

1Son is a fresh new project in the electronic dance music scene. "WOA" the first single is the perfect introduction to the madness that’s about to come.

What’s new pussycat woa woa woa? For you rock music gurus!! Whats the song that has "Woa O woa O woa O woa O I wanna _____ with you" right in the beginning?

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Digitally released on January 11, ‘Repeating Patterns of Habit’ is the debut EP from up-and-rising Dutch Cousin. The six-piece alternative / electronic band based in and around Birmingham, have been described as “electro dream pop” and “the future of Birmingham’s music scene” by BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio.