Social media obsessives and compulsive gamers share addictive traits, experts say

Social media consumes ever-increasing amounts of time in the everyday lives of people who constantly check their feeds due to FOMO (fear of missing out). It is society’s most efficient tool, yet society’s addiction is arguably its largest detriment. It is a resource for news, an outlet for.

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Sending an email or text establishes a process that experts – including addiction. and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. One controversial study, published recently in the influential journal.

Experts who study gambling addiction remain a long way from knowing why. to have a personality disorder as the general population, including obsessive-compulsive disorder and anti-social.

Social Media and Infomania: Impulsive vs Compulsive Behavior. internet gaming disorder, "internet addiction" Impulse control disorders (intermittent. Stopped using social media, ATM’s, frequenting places with security cameras, smartphones, ipads for fear of being.

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As examples of those sources, the authors cite interviews with family members, friends and others who know a person well, and extensive public records such as media interviews, biographies, YouTube.

People with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder are so preoccupied with order, perfection, and control that they lose all flexibility, openness, and efficiency They set unreasonably high standards for themselves and others and, fearing a mistake, may be afraid to make decisions These individuals tend to be rigid and stubborn They may have trouble expressing affection and.

Although experts disagree about what to call them, obsessives over gaming and social media share characteristics with those who overeat or can’t stop drinking, taking drugs or gambling-and these Latest

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NEW YORK – For a compulsive. s history. Experts say the phenomenon isn’t surprising given the age-old fascination with that central question – “Who AM I?” – and a desire to compare ourselves with.

In fact, it shows how the mind works. By Sharon Begley @sxbegle. February 8, 2017. who spend most if not all of their time playing online games, not involved in social media, to the point of.

MY STRANGE ADDICTION tells the stories of people who are struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorders. Cameras follow as they engage in addictive behavior like eating toilet paper, sleeping with their blow dryers, and extreme exercising. First-time meetings with psychological experts are also featured.