Some of Florida’s biggest housing markets are now overvalued

According to CoreLogic, a real estate analytics firm, 14 of the top 100 real estate markets in the U.S. are overvalued, which is more than double the number that were at the end of first quarter 2015.An overvalued housing market has home prices that are 10% or more above the long-term sustainable level.

The report named Naples, Florida as the most overvalued of all housing markets in the United States. A single-family, median-priced home there sells for $329,970, 84 percent more than what it should cost – $180,956 – according to the analysis.

While stopping just short of calling San Francisco’s market a bubble, new analysis from UBS argues that the city has the most overvalued housing market in the United States. According to the UBS.

Ten years after the financial crisis, many major housing markets worldwide are overvalued or at risk of a bubble.. These are the world’s biggest housing market bubbles. We are having some.

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One Texan city is in the bubble, Midland. Midland’s housing market has taken a hit as a result of cheaper oil prices. Other major cities and areas in Texas are somewhat near housing market bubble. Dallas and Austin have had their property prices reach new highs. Austin, in particular, might be nearing a bubble, as its market is 20% overvalued. Other Texan cities are overvalued at around 15%.

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Some of Florida’s biggest housing markets are now overvalued. Home prices have been rising steadily since the recession, but the gains are suddenly accelerating as spring demand heats up in an.

Some of Florida’s biggest housing markets are now overvalued Home prices have been rising steadily since the recession, but the gains are suddenly accelerating as spring demand heats up in an.

“Now. Southeast to see some of the largest home-price gains, led by the Nashville area, at nearly 8%, and Orlando, Fla., at nearly 7%. Abundant land and strong economic growth are supporting.

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The land supply isn’t as dire in Palm Beach County, but some of the biggest parcels are in the far western reaches, away from major shopping and entertainment destinations. Burton said builders now.