Trump administration announces new restrictions on sending money to family members in Cuba

On the 58th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs, the Trump administration announced new restrictions and sanctions against Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

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WASHINGTON – The Trump administration is reimposing limits on the amount of money Cuban Americans can send to relatives on the island and ordering new restrictions.

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About the same time — and more than 900 miles away in the Mexican city of Matamoros — Jorge Luis Gutierrez, also from Cuba, was reeling. questions about family separations On Monday, the Trump.

President Donald Trump announces his new Cuba. restrictions on US agricultural and telecommunications equipment to Cuba would be eased; Americans were also permitted to use credit and debit cards.

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The Trump Administration Imposes New Restrictions On Cuba On Friday, President Trump announced in front of a crowd gathered in Miami’s Little Havana that he was “canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba. to be free to send.

The Trump administration is reimposing limits on the amount of money Cuban Americans can send to relatives on the island and ordering new restrictions on U.S. citizen, nonfamily travel to.

President Donald Trump's administration has announced it is to restrict US. " These new measures will help steer American dollars away from the. said the United States would restrict travel to the island to family members.. limits on the money that families can send back to the cash-strapped island.

Trump administration’s Cuba restrictions seen as drag on its economy "Foreign investors are going to think twice," one expert said. "And this is fundamental for the Cuban economy."

(AP) – The Trump administration on. years in other key economic sectors. bolton announced a new cap on the amount of money that families in the United States can send their relatives in Cuba. The.

White House Announces New Travel Restrictions on Cuba, Including Cruise Ships. the Trump administration imposed new rules on U.S. tourists going to Cuba, including a ban on cruise ships, the.

Oh, and for some reason, most likely because petty, the administration has also limited the amount of money that people living in the United States can send back to relatives in Cuba, to $1,000.