Trump Cracks Down On Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela –

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 · The Trump administration crackdown on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela comes at a moment of severe economic weakness for Cuba, which is struggling to.

Miami is home to thousands of exiles from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. In a speech there last year, Bolton discussed newly released sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba and promised additional penalties against Nicaragua as he laid out the administration’s hardline policy toward the.

"The troika of tyranny – Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua – is beginning to crumble," Bolton said in a hard-hitting speech near Miami on the 58th anniversary of the United States’ failed Bay of Pigs invasion of the island, an attempt to overthrow the Cuban government.

From left, Cuba’s president miguel diaz-canel, Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega and Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro. AP Photos. Bolton was critical of former President Barack Obama’s policy on Cuba and said Trump was going to correct the stance that he believes contributed to the decline.

Recently, the Trump administration has been gearing up for the overthrow of Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro. Bolton also promised to crack down and restrict the movement of American citizens traveling to Cuba. The Trump administration is also going to cap remittances from residents in the US.

.tyranny," Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. WASHINGTON (AP) – National security adviser John Bolton said Friday that he will travel to Miami next week to outline steps the administration is taking to confront what he says are threats from the "troika of tyranny," Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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Seeking to pressure Cuba to cease its solidarity with Venezuela, Trump has slammed Cuba with more sanctions, stiffening the economic and travel blockade and activating title iii of the Helms Burton Act to allow thousands of lawsuits that will discourage tourism and investment in Cuba.

The administration of United States President Donald Trump intensified its crackdown on Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela on Wednesday,

The Trump administration said it would crack down on 'veiled tourism'. of a tougher policy toward Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba, said John.

The move is part of Trump's broader campaign to crack down on socialist latin american countries Cuba and Nicaragua, and to oust Maduro, "For years now, the Cuban regime has suffocated Venezuela's independence.