Wave of sexual misconduct is a wake-up call for employers on workplace policies

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Kemet’s CEO is the latest C-suite executive to resign after a public reckoning on workplace harassment. Kemet’s CEO is the latest victim in a wave of companies’ exodus by many in leadership.

New sexual harassment policies in the wake of mounting sexual misconduct allegations against powerful CEOs, employers, managers and other men who have been abusing employees and coworkers could bring fundamental changes to the workplace in Long Beach, our sexual harassment attorneys at JML Law say.

An employer can still dismiss an employee for serious misconduct even if their employment agreement or workplace policies don’t list their behaviour as serious misconduct. The question to ask is whether the misconduct has undermined or destroyed the trust and confidence an employer has placed in the employee.

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New York City held its first hearing on sexual harassment in the workplace in more than 40 years amid a wave of sexual assault allegations. Those hearings led to stronger enforcement policies.

With the #MeToo movement continuing to gain steam, an increase in the number of sexual harassment claims made to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) might be expected. And although the EEOC chair says that hasn’t been the case, at least slow change may be on the way. EEOC Chair Victoria A. Lipnic spoke on [.]

That may seem unsettling as a staggering wave. workplace behavior. (“Remember, there’s no wrong answers here. Just super-wrong answers.”) [Nearly 80 percent of board members haven’t discussed.

People use the term "sexual misconduct" to generally refer to any sex crime. A more narrow and legalistic use of the term refers to sexual activity between two people where one person is in a position of authority or trust vis a vis the other. Someone abusing a position of authority or trust to have a sexual relationship with another has committed a form of sexual misconduct.

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The fallout from the current wave of revelations sexual misconduct has included, among other things, a rash of D&O claims. guest blogger kevin lacroix will review a recent paper by Daniel Hemel and Dorthy Lund of the University of Chicago Law School entitled "Sexual Harassment and Corporate Law"