Woman whips 26-year-old stepson’s bottom 30 times with leather belt for missing midnight curfew

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He was fitted with an electronic tag and on a curfew but after drinking all day on November 29. brain damage and her injuries suggested she had been punched a number of times and her head smashed.

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Valerie Branch-Galloway: Florida woman charged with domestic battery after whipping her stepson with leather belt after coming home 30 minutes past midnight curfew. A Florida woman has been arrested after whipping her 26-year-old stepson with a leather belt after the man arrived home 30 minutes past his midnight curfew.

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Florida Woman; Main Banner; news; trending; florida woman whips 26-year-old stepson’s ass 30 times with leather belt for missing midnight curfew. Florida Man; June 10, 2019; 0; Featured; Florida Man and woman; main banner; news; trending; jack & Coke Popsicles Will Be The Official Drunk Snack Of Summer.

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